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Texas Traditions

Texas Traditions

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We've been wearing masks round these here parts since afore this here land was even a state.

This is one Southern tradition we'd best be hangin on tight to, I reckon. Or else, bless your heart, I guess.

(If you come from another place that wears masks and celebrates bank robberies, other than Texas, this can be modified to meet your needs.)


All of my masks are made the exact same way, to keep you safecomfortable and fashionable:
  • Inner layer: 100% cotton, to keep you cool and comfy
  • Middle layer: Non-woven filter, to keep more contaminants out
  • Outer layer: 100% polyester to keep you clean and tidy
  • Built-in pocket: insert an additional filter, or keep it empty
  • Adjustable nose wire: bend it to form fit your face, or remove it altogether
  • My masks are designed with extra space at the front for more breathing room
  • Additional customizable options here (inner pockets to hold a scented item) or here (instead of ear loops, adjustable mask straps secure in the back)