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About Us

Grrtrude Grrilla

Grrtrude first got into designing when she noticed there were not nearly enough pockets on anything. When you compliment someone’s dress or skirt, what’s the first thing they say, if revelent? “Thanks! It has pockets!” So why doesn’t everything have pockets? And more pockets! Even Grrtrude’s masks have pockets! (Disclaimer: do not store anything except an extra filter or some nice smellums in a mask pocket. Using the front of your face as a purse during a pandemic is not recommended.)

Keep an eye out for more of Grrtrude’s designs and custom options!


Michele Nordahl

Michele has been a freelance seamstress for over 15 years, and working full time at it for almost a decade, getting all her work by word of mouth. She can sew made-from-scratch, copy a picture, modify an existing pattern, and do alterations on anything from work clothes to wedding dresses. The largest item she’s made is a 130’ x 17’ projection screen, and the smallest item is miniature mittens for a photoshoot. The weirdest item might be the cigarette-girl-type costumes made from printed vinyl and aluminum, designed to look like shopping bags. She has reupholstered furniture, repaired an heirloom quilt, dressed topiary animals in custom covers, and been involved in fabricating two life-size 3D snowmen for two different displays.

“My specialty is not specializing.”


This Octopus

A fist-sized octopus can beat a 40-pound tensile force, so who else would make a better grip? When shopping for materials, this octopus changes skin tone and texture to save money on product swatches. The ultimate stagehand and hand and hand and hand and hand and hand and hand and hand, this octopus blends into the background while making sure the lighting is perfect for product photography.