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Do I need more than one?

A contaminated mask is worse than useless. When you wear your mask into a public space, there is a chance that there are contaminated particles on the outside, the edges, the earloops. Depending on how often you go out, and how often you are prepared to wash your masks, having more on hand can be convenient, or even necessary.

Things to ask yourself:

Is there enough time between outdoor excursions to wash my mask? Or at least to let it sit in the sun long enough that I feel confident that it has been sterilized by time and UV rays?


When I go on several errands in one day, am I satisfied taking off and putting on the same mask in between stops, or would a fresh mask per store make me feel safer?


Am I likely to forget my mask if there isn’t one in front of me anywhere I might exit my house: one at the front door, one in the car (and a second one in the glovebox for when I only remember I didn’t replace my car mask just as I pull up at the store), one in my purse or bag, one in the pocket of my favorite jacket?


Do I want a selection of masks to match different outfits? Or a funny one for the store, and a serious one for at work?


Do I want to keep extra masks on hand in case a family member or housemate loses theirs and solves it by borrowing mine?


If I add extra features, like a pocket for scents, do I want an extra mask in case I don’t feel like smelling that essential oil or dried herb today?